Manimenti was founded in 2014, by an international team with diverse backgrounds who understood the importance of preserving the endangered artistic traditions of historic artisan workshops by giving collectors, architects, and museums everywhere a platform to purchase the world's most refined artisan items and services. Since its inception, Manimenti has gained the collaboration of over thirty historic artisan studios, comprising over forty individuals, all of whom carry impressive track records for excellence. Each master artisan is carefully vetted and has a relationship with the museum sector, whether their works constitute contemporary cultural patrimony and are on public display or through prestigious commissions for restoration work.  

While our primary network of master artisans is concentrated in the historic center for artisanship of Rome, Italy, we are expanding our network of talent, always on the lookout for additional master artisans to include in our curated platform. We are delighted to bring online the very best and most representative examples of artisanship from various cities and villages renowned for unique artistic legacies.

At the heart of our mission is to preserve endangered traditions and give voice and visibility to living masters.

Our name, Manimenti, is a play on the Italian words mani (hands), menti (minds) and monumenti (monuments); reflecting our credo that monumental quality, and indeed beauty, are the result of a thoughtful, handmade process learned over a lifetime and accomplished by a true master.