Passaparola. It might sound like a delicious pasta dish, but in fact it's Italian for "word of mouth" (literally, "pass the word"). Can you believe that reputation alone is still the main method artisans and collectors find each other? What a testament to their talent. Just try to imagine any hotel, fashion label, or watch company today surviving decades, much less centuries, based solely on the loyalty and promotion of its clients. 

"I just want to use my hands," is the common refrain of artisans. The aim of our team is to let them do just that, allowing an international audience to view their works with the guidance of trusted experts in authenticity and art history. This online journal, The Expert Eye, is a product of these efforts.

We know you are enthusiastic to learn new skills and share stories that inspire, so we are focusing on the craftsmen behind living traditions, expert views, and features that inform a new generation of arts patrons about connoisseurship. We hope that our content gives you the confidence to follow your instincts as a collector of handmade contemporary craft, and if something you discover here gives you an aha! moment, please, spread the word.