A few things you probably didn't know about the precious metal:

  • Ancient Egyptians and Medieval Europeans valued silver more highly than gold. 
  • Silver is the most reflective of all metals, creating the shiniest jewelry. Brilliant.
  • Silver is harder than gold.
  • The first US dollars were coins made of silver. In fact, the word “dollar” comes from the German word “thaler”, meaning large silver coin.
  • We all know every cloud has a silver lining, but did you know that sprinkling clouds with silver iodide makes them rain?
  • Silver purifies, which is why historically people have stored silver coins in wine casks and water vessels.
  • The Hollywood term “silver screen” is a reference to the metallic paint of projection screens in early movie theaters.
  • The historic practice of alchemy associated silver with the moon, using a crescent glyph as its symbol. 
  • The traditional gift for a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary is silver.